Cultivating Growth

Transforming Businesses

Fresh Start Ventures provides business solutions for blooming startups and for cultivating growth in established businesses. Our business professionals guide entrepreneurs in all areas of business setup, finances and management. In addition, we provide a platform for networking in insurance, bookkeeping, web development, transportation, water filtration and solar energy fields.

We offer a range of solutions designed to help companies blossom. We believe that each company is unique. We take many factors into account- industry, culture, and each particular challenge presented. We will help you attain your goals with a custom tailored plan; no matter how modest or extensive.


Using a payroll company will help protect your business from many legal and financial repercussions.

Let us help you choose the right fit for your company

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Lending and Financial

We can help find the right lender for your business's particular financial needs; be it start-up, growth or security.

We even have lenders that work with credit and insufficient funds issues.

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Merchant Services

Most people carry very little cash if any at all.

Accepting credit and debit cards can provide many benefits for your business.

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Insurance & Workers’ Compensation

Having insurance and workers' compensation will help protect your business from legal and financial repercussions.

We can help you pick a reputable carrier with competitive rates.

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Business Consulting

Do you have questions about how to start your business or how to grow it?

We are here to guide you and show you who your trusted advisors should be.

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Water Filtration

Everyone wants be healthy and hydration goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise.

We have ways to keep your body alkaline and your home free of hard water.

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